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Consistency is the key to measure performance

It’s not your excellent communication skills, coding expertise or creative sparks that count but consistency.

Delivering projects successfully over a period of time ensures your growth by
turning you into an authority and a role model for other team members.

Perform & Lead

or you will be left out



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Focus becoming better than yesterday

  • Advantage & availability of a large and smart pool of talent
  • We encourage you to become an entrepreneur
  • We believe that people are loyal to their career and not to any company
  • Questioning everything helps you learn enormously
  • Learn to "let go" and it helps you to reach the top faster
  • Make your work obsolete so that you learn new skills
  • Arguments are a waste of time, instead focus on productivity
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Growing together leaner & meaner

  • Our work philosophy is to hire people who are extraordinary and result driven
  • We like to work with people who are go-getters, focused, passionate perfectionists, and who are able to mold their minds like clay, and commit themselves to the Pepper Square vision
  • Learning to do it with the economy of a rock climber
  • Our vision is design driven and enabled by technology We enjoy delivering projects that are challenging
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Our strength:

self-sustained & diverse

  • Started on Nov 4, 2002 by Muki with $11
  • Clients from India, US, UK and the Middle East
  • 60% repeat business and 80% word-of-mouth
  • Debt-free company with 12 months operating cash in the bank
  • Happily independent with no external funding
  • 35% of the employees have been with pepper square for more than 4 years
  • We spot talent from small towns and villages
  • Diversity – our people come from 11 states across India
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Driven by internal navigation

A guiding moral compass contributes to our creative and positive energy, which is the DNA of Pepper Square. We believe in:

Case Studies

  • UX & UI design and development for Airbnb.

    How we helped Airbnb to share ideas and collaborate?

    View Case Study
  • Repositioning with responsive design and engaging content.

    How our design strategy helped Sasken?

    View Case Study
  • UX & UI design and development for TeamLease web and mobile app.

    How we used design thinking to solve the problems for 250k employees?

    View Case Study

UX & UI design and development for Airbnb.

  • Web
  • Responsive Website
  • Content Management System

Repositioning with responsive design and engaging content.

  • Responsive Website
  • Brand Activation
  • Content Management System

UX & UI design and development for TeamLease web and mobile app.

  • Mobile & Web
  • Enhancing UX & UI
  • Responsive Website


Kristin Jolda

Kristin Jolda

Director of Production, Taoti Creative

My experience with Pepper Square was very positive. The team was very responsive and accountable. I would recommend Pepper Square to other clients because the company stands by the work produced and is a valuable partner to have.

Alex Beauchamp

Alex Beauchamp

Global Head of Content and Social Media, Airbnb

When I became the Head of Global Content and Social Media for Airbnb and had my first big project to tackle, I made only one call and it was Pepper Square. I knew that they would be the right partners to approach an Airbnb project.

Lizz Freeman

Lizz Freeman

Campaign Manager, Corporate Marketing, Fujitsu

You guys are speed demon. We’ve gotten a lot of great comments on your work. LOVIN IT! Thanks for your high level of patience and support.

Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi

Co-Founder, Chairman, Mindtree

I believe Pepper Square is an unusually talented group of people. They see things differently. They are passionate about their work. At Mindtree, we have been lucky in engaging with them in creating our digital presence.

Brands availed our services

  • Airbnb
  • Sasken
  • TeamLease
  • Honeywell
  • Mindtree
  • EMC

About Us

15yrs Expertise in UX & UI
75 People
250+ Clients
1000+ Projects
Know more

Our Culture

Our values point us in the right direction.
Defined by the journey, and not by the destination,
Pepper Square is designed to win.



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