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UX & UI design for Abbott’s software diagnostic tool

James A Vaughn Global Product Manager, Global Informatics Marketing Abbott Diagnostics

Thank you for participating in the UX & UI design project. Great work on redesigning the UX and UI. Our team is very impressed with Pepper Square work.

Project overview

  • Abbott was seeking to revolutionize the way their customers interact with their analyzer instruments by providing a consistent and compelling user experience via the software interface.
  • Abbott partnered with Pepper Square for the redesign of the instrument software interface. This software was used on a number of platforms: notebook computers, large surface and mobile devices e.g. iPads, smart phones, and instrument control screens.


  • Cross platform functionality with seamless user experience.
  • To make the interface visible on a horizontally placed surface computing tablet in a lab setting.
  • Collaborate and iterate frequently with teams from 5 different countries.
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • The home screen was the main start-up screen for the system. It monitored key modules and system information for the user. 
  • The app window was “chromeless” because it contained no border “chrome” components, such as the address bar, title bar, status bar, and toolbars. While running, it used the entire display area.
  • The user interface was displayed on a 21 inch touch screen placed inside the diagnostic instrument.
  • The designed selection areas needed to accommodate touch, as the system did not come with a mouse or a keyboard.
  • The supply status screen shared a visual summary for the current inventory status of the on-board and bulk supplies for each module.
  • The middle of the left bar was for user notifications. At the bottom of the left bar were 6 buttons for short cut navigation; selection of these buttons allowed the user to go directly to the associated screen.
  • The left bar was used for navigation; the menu button when selected displayed the available navigation selections.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • The project was delivered one month before the scheduled timeline.
  • Teams collaborated online on a weekly basis to ensure smooth delivery with no communication gap.
  • The product got launched in the emerging markets.
  • Abbott’s Visual Brand Language style guide was followed to bring design harmony between the hardware and the software.
  • Successfully collaborated with Abbott’s human factors team, UI continuity design team, project members from R&D, marketing and software.
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