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UX & UI design for Black Lotus iOS and Android app

Vikram Shastry Head of IT Black Lotus

I personally want to thank the Pepper Square team for contributing to the app. The app is what it looks like today, because of the team. I thank you for working all those late hours and giving your best in all the creatives, even in places which are not easy to discern to the normal eye. Thank you for providing the leadership and expert opinions – all of which added value.

I also want to let you know, there has been an outpouring of positive feedback by many users ever since the app has hit the stores. I look forward to working with Pepper Square in the coming days to take this to the next level. Thanks again.

Project overview

  • Black Lotus is a meditation app with core emphasis on creating a spiritual mystic vibe, in accordance with harmony and peace, which is associated with the discipline of meditation.
  • Black Lotus partnered with Pepper Square to design the app UI using a range of iconography and symbols that can be universally inferred and are in sync with the app’s Global appeal.


  • Aligning the new UI to other sections of the existing app
  • Symbolic representation of 10 unique stages of a user to gain spiritual attainment.
  • Design an interface which will help the user measure and attain spiritual progress
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • Ideation, strategy and UX &UI design for Black Lotus iOS and Android app.
  • Extensive research on 10 stages of meditation and their representation.
  • Studied user behavior of the target audience to ensure the design elements resonated with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the meditator in a particular stage.
  • The design was inspired by Buddhist symbols that point to qualities of an enlightened mind.
  • Defined and designed 10 categories of the Rak (Random Act of Kindness) feature to help create the largest community of kindness champions.
  • Gamified approach to encourage the user to gain spiritual attainment with features such as Mahamudra progression, Morning welcome screen, and Evening screen.
  • Intuitive icons for a universally accepted, clear visual communication.
  • Usability testing for app icons to ensure they are correctly perceived by the users.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • The new designs resonated well with the target audience and there was an outpour of positive response after the app hit the stores.
  • Gamification helped increase app downloads and engagement by 30% in 25 days.
  • New users after 3.0 release increased by 72% over a span of 30 days.
  • The app logged a total of 15796 Raks  within 30 days of the release.
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