11-year development partnership

UX & UI design, development and maintenance for multiple projects

Dennis Hardy Chairman Evans Hardy & Young

To thrive in today’s global competitive landscape, it is important to look beyond borders. Whether it is Poland, Portugal, Santa Barbara, London or Bangalore, process and standards ensure that quality is the same across – truly, the world has become flat.

Project overview

  • EvansHardy+Young is a marketing and communications agency specializing in Food, Wine & Spirits, Restaurant Chains and Casino Resorts. They partnered with Pepper Square to create a new website for their California based Casino Resort client.
  • The website was to be built on a Content Management System (CMS) for easy updates and moderation. It was to be integrated with the New Ticketing Engine and the API for hotel reservation.


  • Limited capabilities in delivering digital services.
  • Short timeline to design and deliver.
  • No in-house digital development team.
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • We worked as a development partner for the agency with a dedicated development team.
  • Use of collaborative platforms like Trello, Basecamp, SVN, Bitbucket:
    1. To increase efficiency
    2. To reduce communication challenges
    3. To ensure on-time delivery
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • A trusted partnership for the last 10 years.
  • Helped the media agency reduce costs by 60% and improve profitability by 35%.
  • This model helped the agency to focus on client retention, strategy and creative thinking, while Pepper Square took over the client burden of development, implementation and routine maintenance.
  • The agency’s employee attrition was managed well by ramping up or down Pepper Square team size with no extra investment.
  • Client’s intellectual properties were managed with utmost security and care and not a single incident was reported.
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