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UX & UI design and development for Android and web app


Project overview

  • After an extensive research on the Indian education ecosystem, the team of iGuru ventures figured out that the teachers are spending over 40% of their time analyzing assessments.
  • They partnered with Pepper Square to design and develop a SaaS based assessment tool, insightGURU, that would reduce the assessment time to 10% thereby empowering teachers to spend more time mentoring students via creative and fun learning engagement.


  • Creating an intelligent, self-learning platform that adapts based on the inputs fed.
  • Simplifying the complex workflow into a simple and intuitive user experience, which guides the user to engage with the product.
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • Multiple brainstorming sessions to understand the product focus, target audience, features and functionalities.
  • Built a role and permission based assessing application that managed students, teachers and parents.
  • Teachers could create customized questionnaires in no time using the question bank and a set of pre-defined question format such as subjective, MCQs, match the following, and fill in the blanks.
  • Teachers could populate the questions for a particular assignment. A notification was sent to the students and they could take the assignment from their mobile app.
  • Machine Learning was implemented to help the system assess the objective answers. While subjective answers were assessed based on the keywords fed to the system.
  • Post assessment, the student dashboard was generated automatically and could be accessed by both the teacher and the parents.
  • The app included the offline assessment feature to aid the students to take tests even while they were offline/not connected to the internet.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • A simple and flexible platform enabled the teachers to access, schedule and run assessments securely with ease.
  • The template library helped teachers save upto 30% of their time and were able to focus on a fun learning engagement for the students.
  • The school staff was able to gain in-depth insights and analytics to facilitate real time and effective decision-making.
  • The app was very well received by the teachers and the students as they could complete the assignments on the fly.
  • Reduced operational cost for the schools due to lesser use of ink and paper.
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