Simplifying healthcare

UX & UI design for Light Pharma software products


Project overview 

  • Light Pharma is a tech company providing unique, cutting-edge solutions for life-sciences and healthcare.
  • Light Pharma partnered with Pepper Square for the UX & UI design of their software products, Pharma Investigator and Sun Pharma web portals.


  • The existing applications were highly confidential therefore no reference screens were shared.
  • Converting graphical icons to line icons without compromising the essence.
  • Understanding manufacturing processes involved complex chemical reactions, how temperature and pressure are monitored, and studying the results and outputs to accommodate in the UI.
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • Research, UX & UI design for Pharma Investigator and Sun Pharma web apps.
  • Pharma Investigator is used by top scientists for the analysis of pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing and testing processes. It investigates data to ensure process and product quality, and their compliance with federal regulations.
  • Sun Pharma is a dashboard to investigate medicines in slots. A slot is moved under the surveillance of specialized devices to identify faulty medicines.
  • The aspects and parameters for each slot are monitored using graphs based on standard deviation principles, CPK and PPK charts.
  • Designing interfaces and defining interactions required deep understanding of the chemical processes involved, target user behavior and expectations.
  • The team understood each icon’s functionality, purpose and meaning to come up with simple line icons for maintaining consistency. 211 unique icons were recreated and delivered within a span of 4 weeks.
  • Complete application design revamp was implemented based on the Design Thinking approach.
  • Defined communication flow and data hierarchy.
  • Design implementation support for seamless integration with the backend.
  • Faster iteration to translate the product vision into a simplified, engaging interface.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • The UI simplified the representation of the workflow statuses.
  • Improved usability by data segregation into high level workflows.
  • Minimized interactions and touch points to display only the critical information for a particular project or a task.
  • Minimalistic approach to iconography resulted in easy memorability.
  • Task completion time was reduced by 60%, which helped achieving the design goals.
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