Organize and inspire working mothers

End-to-end software product development for productivity app on iOS

Aashika Founder Mamma-Miya

Dear Pepper Square team,

Thank you so much for your commitment, creativity, dedication, hard work and the passion you have poured into our project. Keep up the awesome work!

Project overview

  • Mamma-Miya is a productivity app designed to help busy mothers organize their lives better. It helps multi-tasking mothers capture their elusive free time and convert into ‘me-time’ making the time to do the things that are important to them.
  • The project was unique in terms of approach and outcome because of the target audience. Working mothers tend to de-prioritize their interests and dreams due to limited time and a deluge of responsibilities at hand.


  • Showcase an entire day’s information in a single viewport.
  • Create an ‘anytime’ event, an activity without a defined timeline.
  • Mark an event as complete, as no other app has this feature.
  • Simple interface and experience accommodating all activity planning tools and techniques under one roof.
The difference we made

The difference we made

  • Design Thinking workshop to gather problems and perspectives.
  • Visually representing a timeline of how a user’s day would look like.
  • Put together a scalable architecture from ground-up and develop a mobile app for iOS.
  • Since the client was new to technology, our mobile app team had to hand hold them and manage the end-to-end product development.
  • All the organizational tools were consolidated into a single, easy-to-use app.
  • Iterative fast beta testing to get customer and user feedback.
  • Closed group usability testing at the beta stage from actual users to enhance the app flow.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • The app is successfully helping working mothers manage their tasks in real time.
  • Reduced stress for multi-tasking mothers, allowing them time to focus on tasks they ‘want to do’.
  • The client considered getting the design, timeline and utility patented.
  • The app was featured in
  • The users appreciated the theme, as it was subtle and not overpowering.