Easy timesheet process for travel nurses

UX & UI design for Medical Solutions iOS app


Project overview 

  • Medical Solutions, one of the top Joint Commission certified travel nursing companies in the US, was looking for a timesheet mobile app for travel nurses.
  • Pepper Square designed an interface that reflects real time tracking data for nurses posted in different locations across the US.


  • A user-friendly product that could be easily adopted by the nurses with minimal education.
  • Considering the target group were travel nurses who are on the go, creating visually rich interfaces was imperative for quick and easy interaction.
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • User research, ideation, storyboarding and visual design.
  • Heuristic evaluation based on Fitt’s & Hick’s law to derive meaningful data points.
  • Studied the user behavior of the target audience to define workflows and interactions.
  • Introduced the offline punch in and out feature for offline accessibility in low or zero connectivity areas.
  • Designed the splash screen with logo element for brand recall and user connect.
  • The dashboard screen provided quick access to profile information, notifications and to-dos.
  • Iterative design approach for faster turn-around and feedback loops from storyboarding to design.
  • Contextually placed actions and data inputs to avoid ambiguity and increase turn-around time.
  • The designs were visually driven for an engaging experience.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • The timesheet process was made simpler for complete transparency in management.
  • The interface was designed in order to help users not missing out on entering important data.
  • Improved, simplified navigation based on the “Don’t make me think” approach and UX & UI laws.
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