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UX & UI design and development for Fitness Court React Native iOS & Android app

Jonathan Fudem Design Manager National Fitness Campaign

The great thing about working with Pepper Square is everybody there really wants to make sure that we are happy and excited about the products that we are building. It never feels like we are buying something off the shelf or generic.

The entire team was really focused on making sure we are shipping things that are amazing for our users and meeting our goal. It is wonderful working with a team that is highly responsive, that has Design, Development & deep technical experience all under one roof.

It’s been wonderful working with Pepper Square. We are excited to keep working with them in foreseeable future.

Project overview

  • National Fitness Campaign (NFC) aims at improving the user base for their best-in-class outdoor bodyweight circuit training system called the Fitness Court.
  • NFC partnered with Pepper Square to revamp the Fitness Court iOS & Android app UI and integrate new features with the existing app on React Native.
  • The target was to go live before the Stanford University demo at California, that was scheduled in 3 weeks’ time and ramp up to achieve the vision of bringing free fitness to 200 cities by 2019.


  • The new design had to be incorporated around the existing React Native codebase.
  • Understanding the objective to meet design and development expectations for the Stanford University demo within a stringent timeline of 3 weeks.
How we made a difference

How we made a difference

  • Research, strategy, UX &UI design and development for iOS & Android app.
  • The business goals were aligned with the design and development viability to prioritize features for the Stanford University demo.
  • Prioritizing modules from the new feature list helped to blitzscale the product for the launch.
  • The Challenges page was redesigned to showcase user statistics of the existing trainees/fitness enthusiasts.
  • A personalized leaderboard was designed and developed for Stanford to filter out the top scorers either in close vicinity or across Fitness Court users. The feature was open to all after the release.
  • Once a user successfully completes a challenge, a solution was developed where they could share their accomplishment over social media.
  • Gamification of the leaderboard and incentivizing the user to interact with the app resulted in enhanced user experience and improved engagement.
  • The ongoing third-party integration with Eventbrite will expose the app to a wider set of target audience.
The value delivered

The value delivered

  • The Stanford University demo was very well received.
  • The app downloads increased by 40% after the fresh release.
  • Expertise led solution to the existing design and development challenges is helping to Blitzscale the idea.
  • The improved engagement and wider adoption are helping the team accelerate to achieve the vision of bringing free fitness to 200 cities by 2019.
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